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Agritourism - Rural Vacation


The Ethno Farm Šekler is situated in the village Rudno which is located in the slopes of the mountain Radočelo and Golija, at 1100 meters above the sea level between two historical monasteries Gradac and Studenica.

The whole plateau reminds on the mountain Zlatibor but is still very different since it is not bare. Starred with fir, juniper (Wacholder) and beech (Buche) forests revives this region into a gorgeous place to stay.

We invite you to stay with us for a night, a weekend or even weeks. Make the cabins your home, enjoy being spoiled by your hosts, and enjoy the traditional Serbian homemade food. Breath pure air and explore the beauty of nature of this region.

Biking, Rudno - Golija, Serbia
Tradiotional Serbian Breakfast, Vacation Farm Šekler

The village Rudno has many opportunities to experience an active  vacation.

Serbia has a great passion for food, having a rich cuisine with

Cabin B1, Vacation Farm Šekler
News, Vacation Farm Šekler

The Cabins and guest rooms are built in the traditional Serbian Ethno style, and provide an idyllic and romantic atmosphere.

Find out about past and upcoming Happenings and Events in and around the Ethno Resort Šekler.

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