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 Serbian cuisine

Truly Traditional Serbian Homemade Food

Serbia has a great passion for food, having a rich cuisine with a great variety of tastes.

The Rural Vacation  Farm Šekler is well known for its organic homemade food. Particularly worth mentioning is the Serbia wide known homemade buckwheat bread by Milijana Šekler.

Every effort is being made to make your culinary experiences an unforgettable delight.


All meals provided are organic and homemade.

Buckwheat is an essential part of our cuisine.

All meals can be adjusted to any dietary needs.

The culinary cuisine recommends:

Breakfast - some of the following

  • Cheese

  • Smoked Ham and Sausages

  • Buckwheat-Porridge

  • Creme Fresh

  • Pies: Cheese, Mangel, Spinach

  • Buckwheat Bread

  • Bread made with herbs

  • Cornflour bread

  • Homemade yogurt

  • Fresh milk

  • Jam

  • and much more

The lunch consists of traditional Serbian full course meal:

  • Soup

    • Tomato

    • Chicken

    • Beef

    • etc.

  • Main course

    • Fish

    • Schnitzel

    • Staffed Pepper

    • Staffed Cabbage

    • Baked Beans in Sauce

    • Roasted Veal under the bell

    • Pastry stuffed with Meat

    • and much more

  • Salad

    • Tomato

    • Cabbage

    • Shop

    • etc.

  • Dessert


The dinner consists of the same dishes that can be ordered for breakfast and:

  • Buckwheat -pancakes with homemade jam and marmalade

  • Grilled or cooked Vegetables

  • Rolls with Creme Fresh and Cheese

  • Fish

  • or any other combination as per request

"The village itself is really fabulous, fantastic in the air, a small wooden house is very cozy, welcoming the stay truly memorable for us!"

"Magnificent place with fantastic owners of the apartment and the restaurant. One of the best breakfast in our life (dinner as well)! Brilliant landscape. The best base to traveling through this part of Serbia. It was great stay. Thanks for Mr. and Mrs. Šekler!!"

"very nice people, wonderful location, excellent food"

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